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Choice is Everything: The Coaching Company

Mission and Services
Choice is Everything: The Coaching Company

The choices you make today will effect the rest of your life.” -Jack Good

Mission Statement

Mentoring and assisting YOU, to be Great, successful with life’s dreams today!

To create an improved self-image and disciplined work ethic. To be a real life winner through coaching and a philosophy of no excuses.

Let's win together!


Action is the basis of Success!

No Excuses!

  • Be committed to success and positive self-awareness

  • Take responsibility for your choices, for your life entirely

  • Act with self-discipline to achieve daily success

  • Follow through with action

  • Choose a positive attitude, no matter the circumstance

  • Accept common sense, ask for help and assistance. People are all around to help others see the greatness within; they just don’t know You are ready to be helped!

At Choice is Everything- we choose: what we say, what we do, what we eat, who we love, who we share our time with, everything is so simple only complicated by our attitude to the circumstances in relation to our power of choice.

At Choice is Everything we believe there is always a solution, there is no problem too big. If you ever feel overwhelmed by the circumstances of your life look no further. Start living today!

Call us anytime for support and advice. I want to be your Agent of Change, your true Coach, your hero, your lighthouse of hope faith and love.

Live Free, Live without Excuse

Email us to set up an appointment to start your limitless journey of life!

Brand New!!!


Job Search Assistant Program

Hire Choice Is Everything for an hour per week for 4 weeks of Job searching, Employment Screening (calling employers for leads), and FREE Targeted resume and cover letter building.

Get your New Job Today!!!!

If you are interested, please click the link below for my JOB SEARCH ASSISTANT PROGRAM.


Coaching/Mentoring Services

- Individual In-Person Counseling Sessions

-Coach available 24/7 via emails and social networks

-Coach available 24/7 via message phone

-Video Resume and Employment Coaching

Please email us at or call us at 909-910-6369 to request the services you wish to purchase today!


My L.I.F.E. in 90 days!!!

A simple mentoring program to assist successful people reach another goal on their list to plan for and achieve.

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and Start your new life today!

- 3 Individual In-Person Counseling Sessions

-Coach available 24/7 via emails and social networks for 90 days.

-Coach available 24/7 via message phone for 90 days.

My Life in 90 Days

With each paid My L.I.F.E. in 90 days receive the following discounts on services for 1 year

- Discounted Video Resume and Employment focused coaching, $200 for the year a $160 discount.

- Discounted Individual In-Person Counseling Sessions (after 2 included sessions) $20/hour